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    Vision, Mission & Philosophy

  • Environment

    Our business today is more than selling products, it is about environmental consciousness and economical efficiency.

  • Innovations

    Pacific Tissue’s Interleaved Hand Towels originate from base paper created in a thermal powered paper mill.

  • Products

    Pacific Tissue can customise volume orders utilising FSC® Certified material.

Welcome from the CEO

With sustainable forestry and reforestation sitting at the pinnacle of the renewable energy resource arena, supporting sustainable forest management (SFM) has become increasingly important for all companies, not just our industry. At Pacific Tissue carbon-accounting and sustainability measurements are key to our decision making process. As an organisation our primary focus is to provide the market with quality paper products that deliver long-term sustainable benefits. We are constantly evaluating simpler, more efficient ways to work so we can deliver the highest value to our Customer. By undergoing an external Energy Audit earlier this year to provide a factual ground for carbon-related issues we are proud to say we have reduced manufacturing fossil fuel emissions by 15%. As you will see, at Pacific Tissue we understand - it’s not what we do it’s how we do it.   Rob Little Chief Executive Officer